Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eden's 2nd

I took a year off from the blog-o-sphere to do a little professional development, which was to involve long hours with extremely boring books that most people would put to better use as, say, a doorstop or stepstool. I failed to develop much professionally, although I did develop a new appreciation for 60 hour workweeks and an odd addiction to Naked Juice Protein Zone. That's right, out of the galaxy of fruit juices Naked Juice makes, I had to get hooked on the 500-calorie-per-shot version. So I'm back, baby, with grand plans to post just as infrequently as I did a year ago.

This is not a post about me. I promise.

This is all about Eden, who amazingly made number 2 on the 26th.

Wait, that didn't come out quite right. Let me try again:

Eden turned 2 years old on February 26th and, being the
hipster parents we are, we threw her a pink monkey party (no one in their right mind is doing it, and you can't get cooler than that [although if you have actually used the word cool to describe yourself, you have just forfeited your hipster ID badge]). We had food, friends, food, drinks of various varieties, food, music, food, presents, food, a glowingly-pink monkey cake, food, and, um, something else I can't remember off the top of my head. Oh, that's right, food.

We asked that nobody bring gifts to the party,
but apparently that message was garbled in mid-transmission to please bring as many presents as your checking account can possibly afford, the upshot of which was that Eden spent about half the party trying to dig her way out of a very boxy but brightly colored mountain. She got all kinds of stuff--clothes, books, toy kitchen utensils, toy fruits and veggies, toy pots and pans, and assorted other items which I can't remember but I'm sure are scattered around my feet at the moment. Coincidentally enough, Sarah and I made her a kitchen out of cardboard, which despite our best efforts ended up working out pretty well anyway with the pots and pans, fake foodstuffs, and other kitchen items. That's right, I said made. Under no circumstances do I ever recommend anyone else even toying with the idea of building one of these unless you have unlimited amounts of patience, a magical never-dull box cutter, and/or actual talent.

Eden had the time of her very short-but-full life,
which was all we really wanted out of the party (well, that and to see how much food our friends could actually pack into their stomachs in a two hour window. The answer: quite an amazing amount). She asked us if we could do it all again the next day. We thought about it for a bit, but decided in the end to push it off for a year or so.

For those of you not able to be here, we've thrown in a few pics to hold you over until you can make next year's. Enjoy the party.


angela said...

I just want you to know, first, that it was a FANTASTIC pink monkey party! I have never, ever had such delicious food at any other party, ever. Second, I was the only one, last year at Eden's first bday party, who complied with the "do not bring presents" rule, which made me look like a terrible, terrible friend. I did not make the same mistake of respecting your wishes this year. Sorry?

Swiss Family Dunbar said...

WOW!! It looks as though I should have stayed in the US for a few more weeks to hit this amazing party! You guys do know that Eden is going to expect you to up the ante every year - I hope that you having already starting planning/cooking for next year :) Happy Birthday Eden!