Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Auntie's coming home!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Auntie is on her way home as I type. The Dr's released her today and she couldn't be more excited. Thank you all for all of your prayers and thoughts through this whole process, please keep them coming. For those of you who were wanting to help with food please shoot me an email at- smlair@gmail.com - Indy's working up a list for them and so we'll go from there. Again thank you all for your love for Molls. We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Molldog update, part 3

...and surgery #3 is scheduled for tomorrow. This one's an easy one, though--just a quick but deep scrubbing of her insides to make sure there's no bacteria baddies still hanging out in their old hideouts. It sounds absolutely wretched (when's the last time you've had the bits and pieces inside your skin scrubbed down?), but compared to what she's already been through, this one's like taking batting practice at the slowpitch softball cages. And there's a rumor floating 'round the hospital that she might actually be able to mosey back home sometime next week, but as of yet it's still unconfirmed.

If you ever wondered what a person moseying might look like, cut your belly open, cover it with bandages, and walk around in front of a mirror. That's moseying. You might not be moving fast, but you're moving.

Other than the impending surgery, Molly is doing great. She's getting up and walking (sorry, moseying) around, she's eating 3 square a day again, she's looking and talking and feeling better every day. She's had a steady stream of friends coming by to check on her, keep her company, screen out any bad nurses, and generally help her forget a little that she's been stuck in a hospital room for over two weeks now. She has run out of flowers, though, so if you've been wanting to do something for her but wasn't sure what or when or how, then you can't go wrong with some fresh flowers--they change a drab hospital room into, well, a drab hospital room with flowers. And a good smell. And a splash of color. If flowers aren't your thing, then she's asked for people to donate to the Lair foundation, which provides the Lair family with stuff. Just kidding! Honestly, what they'll need most is a slow and steady stream of food after she gets home, so if you don't do flowers, then think about cooking up a meal or two for 'em sometime over the next few weeks.

And on that note, Molly says thank you to everyone for all the thoughts, wishes, prayers, and visits over the last couple of weeks. Chach may not say thanks out loud, but he nods his head in your general direction. (Nah, he says thanks a ton, as well.)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Out of Sugery

Molly is out of surgery and resting once again. They found that the infection ran the whole length of the incision. They had to go ahead and leave the wound open to clear everything out. The nurses will come in and pack it every 4 hours. She seems okay at the moment. We will keep you updated as things change.

Molly update

Just wanted to update everyone on Molly. She is still in the hospital and is actually going in to surgery once again. The doctor has found that her incision isn't healing like it needs to, so he has to go in again and see what the problem is. They said that they won't know anything until they get in there again. Molly did get the tube that was going into her stomach out yesterday or the day before (the days are all a blur at this point). This was a big hurdle as it was killing her throat. The Dr. does say that there's a possiblity that they will have to put it back in after this surgery, and we are praying that this won't be the case. Molly is definitely hanging in there, frustrated understandably, but hanging in there. My mom and Molly's mother-in-law have been up there keeping watch and taking care of her since Chach had to go back to work. Everyone's hanging in there, trying to get as much rest as possible. Please continue to keep us all in your prayers.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Prayers, please.

I need to post something to update everyone on Molly, although I'd much rather be posting Christmas pictures and telling everyone that all is well here on N Pierce. For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, let me fill you in. On Tuesday morning Chach woke up to a very sick wife. She was throwing up constantly and in a lot of pain. They went into the hospital at 4 in the morning. After ultrasounds and x-rays they found that Molly had a blockage in her bowels. They decided to hook her up to a pump and see if they could basically pump out the blockage. After two days there was still no improvement. They did another x-ray this morning and said that things were worse. Molly was taken into surgery at about 3:30 this afternoon. She made it through okay. They said that there was a large mass of endeometriosis on her bowel, Colon and appendix. They went ahead and removed the appendix and the rest of the mass. The recovery period for this type of surgery is LONG. She will be in the hospital for the next 7 to 10 days. As of right now she is in a lot of pain. Chach is holding up okay. He is taking great care of Molly, as always. Thank you all for all of your prayers and thoughts. Please feel free to post comments for Molly and Chach and we will pass them along. Although Molly and Chach appreciate your thoughts, wishes and prayers, please hold off on the phone calls and visits as she is in no shape to take them and will be better served later in her recovery period. We will continue to update you all as things change, and hopefully soon Molls will be home and well and we'll post pictures of Christmas and say that everything is well here on N Pierce.