Sunday, March 26, 2006

1 month old? That's inconceivable.

Somehow, Eden has turned one month old today. It doesn't seem possible, but it's been 28 days almost to the minute since she was born. She celebrated her special day by having her WORST DAY EVER. She apparently was seriously bummed about her big day--she spent most of the day spitting up, crying, and blowing up her outfits (and I mean really blowing them out: front, back, sides, permanent yellow stains on outfits, the works), not necessarily in that order. Or maybe in that order, repeating. She also celebrated by moving up a diaper size--from newborn to size 1--which almost brought her mom to tears (it's not the only time diapers have made us almost cry). She's getting too big too fast, a sentiment I'm guessing will be the chorus we sing for the next several years. So happy one-month b-day, Eden; hopefully the two-month mark will be your BEST DAY EVER.

For compare/contrasting purposes:

Eden at birth.

Eden at one month.

To reiterate:

Eden: 16 hours old.

Eden: 576 hours old.


My Uncle Buck takes care of me

So Chach, or Uncle Buck in Burlairspeak*, has been working feverishly on Eden's birth announcement since day 1, which coincidentally enough was exactly one month ago. Of course, that's not all Chach has done--he's been the uncle every girl dreams of, even if she's only been trying this dream thing out for a month or so. He spent pretty much all of a Sunday waiting around for her in a waiting room, for goodness sake, calling people like he was a rock star, spreading the good news like the proud uncle he is. He's also provided humor, ran errands, provided humor, helped with the house, and provided humor for the three of us. To steal the words of another young 'un: Chachie, you a verra' funna' guy, and without you I'm afraid we would be buried in an avalanche of parental seriousness and panic.

Anyway, the announcement is done, it will be gracing mailboxes everywhere soon, and man does it look good. (Of course, it helps that someone's beautiful baby is on the front of it.) I'm not going to post pics of the annoucement just yet, but for the elite few of you lucky enough to be on the mailing list for Eden's birth announcement (e.g., everyone who actually reads this), you'll be able to see the fruits of Uncle Buck's labor for yourself soon enough. And they're some good looking fruits.

*The women of the Bursey and Lair families have developed over time their own peculiar dialect, one that has slowly insinuated its way into the language of the menfolk. This linguistic odditity has come to be known as Burlairspeak (although only to the Burseys and/or Lairs). For example: snausages=sausages; doods=my lovely spouse; poop on your face=see you later; Uncle Buck=Chach.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Waiting for Auntie

Molly and Chach left for Texas this last Tuesday for a wedding, and ever since Eden has had a serious jonesin' for some auntie lovin'. (She's been craving some uncle lovin', too. That sounds like it needs a better, um, turn of phrase, however, so we'll talk about her uncle in the next post.)

Aunt Molly has been here holding her at some point of every day of her life so far (not to mention being right by Sarah's side through all 32 hours of labor and being one of the first three or four people to welcome Eden to life), so it's understandable why Eden keeps looking around for the missing person in the house. Baby snuggling isn't all that Molly has done around here, though; she's brought a very large window of sanity to an otherwise chaotic household for two very clueless new parents. She's been a laundry washin', dishes doin', house cleanin' fool ever since Eden was born, and we all feel her absence. So here's to you, Molls, the best auntie a girl could dream of! Have fun in New Braunfels, hurry home and don't buy too many clothes for the lil' monkey.

and...the newborn finger.

Monday, March 20, 2006

my bear suit

Mom and Dad have been dying to put Eden in her bear suit for months now! It finally cooled down enough yesterday that we were able to, and much to our suprise, she went right to sleep. She loved it! Eden posed with uncle Chach and they both showed their bear growls.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

bye-bye, grandmas

36 loads of laundry, 25 dishwasher cycles, 2 raked yards, and 12 short days later, the grandmas have unfortunately had to go home. They were an unbelievable help while they were here and we all miss them a lot. They definitely did not get their fill of Eden; they threatened to collectively kidnap her and raise her as a native Coloradoan. At least, they did until we told them they would then be on the hook for her college expenses.

We don't have any pictures of it, but Eden actually made her first non-poopy-diaper-related frowns when the grandmas left. Bye-bye, grandmas, we all miss you more than you know.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bath Time!

Here's a few pictures of Eden's bath yesterday, she's not a big fan!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my first outing

Eden got out for just a little bit yesterday. Gran and mom took her to Sam's Club for a few groceries. She did great and loved the sling!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Photo shoot

So here's a few pics of the new one, shown in no particular order: