Sunday, February 08, 2009

But Why?

Eden at Target today:
Eden: Can I sit there?
Mom: No, we're sitting here
Eden: But why?
Mom: Because we'll block the door there.
Eden: But why?
Mom: Because the door is right there and people need to get out
Eden: But why?
Mom: Because I said so!
Eden: But why?
Eden has definitely entered into the but why phase of life. I know that it's a normal progression but it's wearing me out. All of the sudden Mike and I are realizing that the response that our parents always gave us, "because I said so", makes a lot of sense- just not to her.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Are we pathetic or what? (Don't answer that). I guess I should start this return to blogging with my dearest apologies for our 6 month plus hiatus from the blogging world. Three words for you- back to work! New Years resolution- blog at least once a month. I know I will look back and be glad I did (especially since the baby book isn't exactly kept current). We are good though. Busy, but good. Eden has since had another haircut and is actually on the road to a diaper less life. Our house is still for sale (anyone looking for a great house in beautiful Little Rock, AR?). Eden is a preschooler and loving every minute of it (wishing she was at Nan's school, but we get by). I am now a preschool teacher 5 days a week and still monogramming away (not near as much now that Christmas is over, but hoping that changes soon). Mike is still working at home and enjoying that.

We were able to go home for Christmas and had a great time. Eden was quite a joy this year and really "got" the whole Santa thing. On Christmas Eve Nan let her open one present and it was a Belle doll (for those of you who don't know- princesses are everything right now). She immediately started playing with her and her imagination took hold. She took her to the ball (Nan's entryway) and then got this awful look on her face. Where was Cinderella? So we took to writing Santa a last minute letter. And he came through for her. There were defiantly a lot of other gifts to be had and she was overjoyed (and a little overwhelmed). On Christmas afternoon we were able to go down and have Christmas dinner with Mike's family. It was a great blessing to all of the family that we were granted another Christmas with his Grandmother. She was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer earlier in the year and we all feel blessed to have gotten another Christmas to spend with her. Overall it was a great Christmas, even the drive wasn't all that bad!

Thank you to all of you that check the blog in spite of our lack of attention to it- we'll get better with the new year! Here's a little montage of the past 6 months or so- love to you all!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What to do, What to do?

For about two months now Mike and I have been working round the clock on this house. As most of you know,we are putting it on the market and renting for awhile. Well, today is D-day. The house is clean (pretty spotless actually). Eden's asleep. Mike's out working. I feel useless. I think I have forgotten how to relax. The house work really went full swing when we painted the outside (with A LOT of help from an amazing mother-in-law). Not as bad of a job as I envisioned. Once that was done we moved on to a lot of other odds and ends (with A LOT of help from an amazing-father-in-law). Put up white paneling stuff in our kitchen to mask the hideous linoleum that was there. Put a real door on our bathroom. Concreted the broken front step. Painted the hallway, all because of a spot that we were too lazy to touch up when we originally painted it. painted our bedroom. Put trim on the windows outside. Got a new roof (thank you State Farm and hail storm). And our latest project- drywalling the basement. Found out that had to be done to include it in the square footage. Mike and I both felt like punching our realtor in the face when she said that- but then returned to smiles when we did the numbers. So... that's a whole lot of rambling. Just wanted to let everyone know why this blog has remained a deserted place for the past few months (and let you know how exhausted we are). So here I sit waiting for the realtor to come and photograph the house, praying Eden doesn't wake up too soon and mess it up again- and that will become our new challenge over the next little bit (hopefully not a long bit), keeping a house virtually spotless while taking care of a messy little 2 year old. Here are a few pics for your viewing enjoyment! Wish us all the best!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

We can sing now too! Sorry this is a little long- really more for the grandparents, as they'll tolerate the length (and Lily- Eden's #1 fan of her original twinkle post). We're still working on the house a lot and trying to get it on the market in the next 2 weeks! Hopefully this long weekend will help out. Happy 4th of July to you all- enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

We are still here- just busy

This is where our time has been spent- painting the outside of our house. We will resume posts soon- I promise. So sorry for the massive delay.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Check out my new Minnie Mouse Underwear!

And for those of you wondering- it is as frustrating as I imagined. Keep us in your prayers.