Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pink Monkey

Eden turns 2 in a week, and we are busy planning her party. She decided that pink monkey would be the theme. Exciting stuff. So that being said- that is what we are doing this week. Cooking, cutting out monkeys and all sorts of fun stuff. So if you are in the area Saturday night stop by- 5:00- our house.

In other parts of our world...Eden has had a few friends in town to play with- fun! Brady and Eden reading books in buckets- where else would you read?
Traci, Drew, and Madison were here from Switzerland! Eden really loved Madi!! Unfprtunatly no great pictures of them! Traci- did you get any?? Nan also made Eden an adorable dress- unfortunatly Eden has only let me put t on her once, and that was a bribe. People laugh when I talk about how Eden has to pick out her clothes, but I kid you not- it's not a battle worth fighting. I will get that dress on her again though. Eden is also very into princesses. One thing Mike and I swore she wouldn't do- you quickly learn that they have a mind of their own. Her favorite night time activity is having Ti and Chach for dinner. Ti brings her a different book every night from school. Eden's favorite right now! That about sums it up. Off to cut out more pink monkeys. Enough to make you want to take a nap. Counting the days until Nan gets here- 2 more!!

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jkbaber said...

The dress your mom made is adorable! I would be bribing her all the time to put it on. :o) Seeing the picture of Molly makes me miss seeing her. Lately I've been reminiscing about Colorado. All of us have fun memories together!