Thursday, March 20, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

Today I had the pleasure of taking Eden to her first movie theatre experience. It started with her whining and fussing as I took her out of the car because I wouldn't let her take her book in with her. I was wondering what had gotten into me that I had decided to take my barely 2 year old to a 1 and a half hour long movie. And then it hit her. We walked into the theater and she was in awe. MOVIE she screamed. We got a kids snack complete with popcorn, a small coke (of which she was enthralled to have about 1 oz mixed with water in her sippy cup) and some skittles. We walked towards the theater with a mob of kids following us- grabbed a safe chair (Eden lingo for a booster seat that she is now required to sit in after falling out of a regular chair) and headed in. The whole way in Eden couldn't stop looking at the strips of lights on the walls. The kid takes it all in. We found a seat and the previews started. She sat pretty still because she was munching on her skittles- when I offered her popcorn she informed me- "no momma candy first." How could I have been so wrong as to try and divert her for a bit from the candy. Then the movie started and she remained still. and the movie continued and she remained in awe. My barely 2 year old sat through the entire movie (more or less, in her safe chair, on my lap and standing to look over the seats in front of her.) When the movie was ending she had the biggest smile on her face. Part of me feels a little guilty for letting my 2 year old watch an entire movie in one day and in one sitting- but then I step back and realize that it's also part of the magic of being a kid- not something we'll do everyday or every week or probably every month- but for those special days it's pretty cool to watch her experience something so new. Ans for those of you who haven't seen it- go. It's a fun movie.

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