Monday, October 02, 2006

...we now return Eden to her regularly-scheduled infanthood

I just realized that I forgot to post the results of last week's clinic visit, which proves that good news does indeed travel slowly (at least from my brain to the keyboard). That's right, after four and a half months, Eden's ITP saga might actually be coming to a close. We met with the hemotologist last Monday, who said that even though he is not normally an optimistic person (glad he didn't tell us that at the beginning of all of this), since Eden has been relatively stable for seven weeks now, he's willing to cut back the clinic workups to once a month. And she's okay to fly. And we can finally get the long-overdue kidney test out of the way. And she can play soccer again (wait, that's still a few years away).

We decided to test if the doctor was a quack or not by immediately putting Eden in an airplane and sending her halfway across the country (more on that later). We're happy to say he passed.

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