Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eden's no-fun day #4, in pictures

Here's a quick photo montage of all the action last Tuesday. And I mean quick; I didn't even take the time to edit out my fat pics or the shots of us looking about as bad as we feel--I just threw 'em all in the slideshow, for better or worse. And no, we didn't do massive amounts of sleeping pills just before the hospital. We actually were as tired as we looked, mainly because someone-who-will-not-be-named-but-whose-initials-are-Eden-Lair didn't sleep much the night before, which meant we didn't either. I'd say it was because she was all a-twitter about her big day the next day but I'd be lying, because it happens more than it doesn't these days. But that's material for another post (most likely at 4:30 in the morning).

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