Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A second helping of IVIg

...and another fun day in the hospital is done. Eden had to go in for another IVIg transfusion on Monday; her platelets had been declining since her first transfusion like Zima at a San Francisco art show. So we wandered in around 8 that morning and wandered back out around 6:30 that evening, full up on 10,000 people's anitbodies. Eden was a champ throughout--she was a happy, bouncy, playful 3-month-old who didn't even know she was not supposed to be enjoying it all. Her auntie Molls and her momma were troopers, as well. Her dad, however, really struggled through the whole ordeal, being forced to play hour upon hour of New Super Mario on the Nintendo DS. Oh, the horrors.

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