Monday, June 26, 2006


Eden made her first trip this week! We headed out with Nan on Tuesday for a long drive to Nashville. Eden did great! She was such a trooper. We arrived in Nashville and had better accomadations than at home. Aunt Linda had prepared a room for us with everything we could ever need (thanks to Uncle Andy for giving up his room): a changing table, a playpen, new clothes, and best of all some baby Uggs (I can't wait till it's cool enough for her to wear them). We then got to go to Aunt Joyce's for a home-cooked southern meal that was as good as I remembered. Throughout the week her "aunts" showed Eden how to shop, eat and have an all-around good time. Eden got to show off her rolls at Aunt Joyce's pool; she loved the water! We had a great time- she was definetly worn out after it was all done. The whole trip was great and the drive back wasn't bad either; she was a great traveler. We're praying that she'll soon be able to fly so she can meet all of her family in Colorado!


Jennifer Baber said...

Eden, I love the sunglasses! You'll have to come swimming with Avery this summer!

Vicki said...

She's so precious. The sweetest baby I've ever seen!