Thursday, June 08, 2006

78--not bad for golf, not good for platelets

Look at the, um, muscles on that girl--you'd never guess there's hardly any platelets floating around around in there. That's right, she had her usual pricking, poking, and prodding last Monday and came home with around 99,000 less than the previous week. For the mathematically challenged--or, more likely, for those who don't feel like browsing back to last week's post--that means her Monday count was 78,000. The upshot is that we get to spend the day next Monday rockin' the blood clinic while Eden gets another batch of IVIg shot into her veins. It's a six- to eight-hour process, so we'll be bringing lots of Yoo-Hoo, Funyuns, and Nintendo DS games to keep us satisfied and occupied while we're there. Okay, so maybe just the DS.

This wasn't a huge shocker for us; her counts have been going steadily down for the past month. And the hemotologist did warn us that it could take three or four doses for her spleen to catch up with the rest of her body. And we don't have to be actually admitted to the hospital since it's all going down in the blood clinic that day. But still. We're just looking forward to when she can be a normal baby with impressive layers of...uh...oh, who am I kidding? Eden is a roly-poly whose leg rolls have gotten so big they've merged into one big roll. And that's how we like her.

So for your viewing enjoyment here are a couple more photos of Eden in her monkey shoes/pink frilly onesie/ski cap. You'd think we as parents would be embarrassed to show her stuck in the middle of this clothing fiasco, but we lost any pretense at shame when we put her in her iPod onesie. Besides, we'll be able to hold these pics against her when she grows into a snotty, crabby teenage girl.

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Jennifer Baber said...

We just got our internet turned on and I am having fun reading all the new posts. Eden is so precious! Those pics Angela took are so cute!