Thursday, March 23, 2006

Waiting for Auntie

Molly and Chach left for Texas this last Tuesday for a wedding, and ever since Eden has had a serious jonesin' for some auntie lovin'. (She's been craving some uncle lovin', too. That sounds like it needs a better, um, turn of phrase, however, so we'll talk about her uncle in the next post.)

Aunt Molly has been here holding her at some point of every day of her life so far (not to mention being right by Sarah's side through all 32 hours of labor and being one of the first three or four people to welcome Eden to life), so it's understandable why Eden keeps looking around for the missing person in the house. Baby snuggling isn't all that Molly has done around here, though; she's brought a very large window of sanity to an otherwise chaotic household for two very clueless new parents. She's been a laundry washin', dishes doin', house cleanin' fool ever since Eden was born, and we all feel her absence. So here's to you, Molls, the best auntie a girl could dream of! Have fun in New Braunfels, hurry home and don't buy too many clothes for the lil' monkey.

and...the newborn finger.

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Jean Donahue said...

Sarah & Mike, I have loved seeing the pictures! She is so precious and I know you are enjoying every second. Seems like only yesterday I was holding you, Sarah! where did all those years go? It was great to see Molly - such a beautiful young woman. Sarah, since I have never met Mike it would be fun to have one picture of the Daddy. Also, you look great and beautiful,also. As you already know, I love both you girls and your Mom.