Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Uncle Buck takes care of me

So Chach, or Uncle Buck in Burlairspeak*, has been working feverishly on Eden's birth announcement since day 1, which coincidentally enough was exactly one month ago. Of course, that's not all Chach has done--he's been the uncle every girl dreams of, even if she's only been trying this dream thing out for a month or so. He spent pretty much all of a Sunday waiting around for her in a waiting room, for goodness sake, calling people like he was a rock star, spreading the good news like the proud uncle he is. He's also provided humor, ran errands, provided humor, helped with the house, and provided humor for the three of us. To steal the words of another young 'un: Chachie, you a verra' funna' guy, and without you I'm afraid we would be buried in an avalanche of parental seriousness and panic.

Anyway, the announcement is done, it will be gracing mailboxes everywhere soon, and man does it look good. (Of course, it helps that someone's beautiful baby is on the front of it.) I'm not going to post pics of the annoucement just yet, but for the elite few of you lucky enough to be on the mailing list for Eden's birth announcement (e.g., everyone who actually reads this), you'll be able to see the fruits of Uncle Buck's labor for yourself soon enough. And they're some good looking fruits.

*The women of the Bursey and Lair families have developed over time their own peculiar dialect, one that has slowly insinuated its way into the language of the menfolk. This linguistic odditity has come to be known as Burlairspeak (although only to the Burseys and/or Lairs). For example: snausages=sausages; doods=my lovely spouse; poop on your face=see you later; Uncle Buck=Chach.

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Gina Harmon said...

Hey Girl, Thanks for the update on Eden. She definitely is growing fast, but what a cutie! I had no idea you and Chach were related! Small world! Keep us posted and we'll continue praying!