Sunday, March 26, 2006

1 month old? That's inconceivable.

Somehow, Eden has turned one month old today. It doesn't seem possible, but it's been 28 days almost to the minute since she was born. She celebrated her special day by having her WORST DAY EVER. She apparently was seriously bummed about her big day--she spent most of the day spitting up, crying, and blowing up her outfits (and I mean really blowing them out: front, back, sides, permanent yellow stains on outfits, the works), not necessarily in that order. Or maybe in that order, repeating. She also celebrated by moving up a diaper size--from newborn to size 1--which almost brought her mom to tears (it's not the only time diapers have made us almost cry). She's getting too big too fast, a sentiment I'm guessing will be the chorus we sing for the next several years. So happy one-month b-day, Eden; hopefully the two-month mark will be your BEST DAY EVER.

For compare/contrasting purposes:

Eden at birth.

Eden at one month.

To reiterate:

Eden: 16 hours old.

Eden: 576 hours old.



Anonymous said...

I love this! That is the coolest thing. You are scrapbooking, just on a "blog"! And it probably does not cost nearly what scrapbooking does! But you really do need to put these words and pics down in a book too - if you have not already. I love it.

Anonymous said...

This is Missy by the way.

missy said...

I went to post a comment, but it did not post... but this is very cute! It is like you scrapbooked on a web page. YOu really ought to put this in a scrapbook too - if you have not already! Very very cute! I love it.