Friday, January 18, 2008

So Far Behind- Where Do You Even Begin?

It's been so long since we've posted anything that I don't even know where to start. I guess that the last real post was Halloween! I had to go back to look, that's pretty sad. So- I guess from there you go all the way back to Thanksgiving, feels like that was a long time ago as well. Unfortunately our Thanksgiving was one of sadness. My Me-Maw (my dad's mom) passed away that week and so Molly, Mom and I headed to Tennessee for the funeral. It was really good though to see that side of the family- it's been too long. We got to have Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncle Tom and Aunt Pamela's house. Mike was here fending for himself. It was sad to see my Me-Maw go. Martha and Christy were here when she passed away (more on that in the next post, I guess there's more to catch up on than I knew). Martha and I went to the grocery and were talking about her- it really hit me how sad I was that Eden would never know my Me-Maw. She was the strongest (one of the- my Mom and Mike's mom are pretty darn strong) women I know. It kills me to think about Eden not knowing her, I am so thankful though that we have some pictures of them together. Mom and I went out there right before last Thanksgiving so that Eden could meet Me-Maw- so thankful that we did that. All that to say, we miss you dearly Me-Maw, I pray that I can be half the mom to Eden that you were to your three boys- I will have done a great job then. We love you. I didn't intend to come back will such a sad post- I do promise though that I will post again in the next few days with more catch up stuff. I have more great pictures from Angela of the girls (Lily and Eden) that I need to get up.

note- Eden took a really long bath and so I was able to post both in the same night- not too bad. I'll do more catch-up later.

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