Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't you wish you had an Angela?

I somehow coaxed Angela into taking pictures for us again. I really can't settle for anything else now that I have had her take them in the past. It's kind-of like buying really nice sheets- once you've used them, you can't go back to the cheap ones. That sounds bad, I am comparing her to sheets and that's not what I mean- she's more like a fine wine. Maybe I should use a different analogy?!? That being said we are very thankful that we have her and very thankful for these pictures. I mind you that none of these have been retouched and that she was photographing 2 - 1 yr olds, even more amazing.

I think that Eden might be asking Lily if she wants to fight here; kind-of worrisome

My mean child, once again. We love you Eden.

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