Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Molly and Chach update

So sorry for the delay in posting. For the past few weeks Molly has been taking a lot of different medicines. First she had to take a drug to start her period. She then started taking some different hormones to produce a lot of eggs. These consisted of at least two shots in her belly, morning and night. The side effect of those are a lot of headaches and pelvic pain (due to her ovaries being packed full with eggs). Tomorrow @ 8am they will go in to retrieve the eggs. The Dr's said that they could see 11 eggs last week. They are unsure as to the maturity and quality of the eggs until the extract them. After the retrieval they will watch them to see how they divide and then implant them directly into her uterus 3 or 5 days afterwards. Molly and Chach are both doing well, just nervous about the outcome. Please continue to pray for Molly's health throughout, and a healthy baby (or two) for them to love. Thank you all so much for your continued love and support.


jcrmadden said...

Molly and Chach,
I am so hopeful and will be on my knees from 7 (my time) for both of you and will want to hear as soon as you know anything...(Molly out oand ok)-I love you both bushels and am so proud of you for your courage and steadfastness. Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

Molly, God always works in interesting ways... i'm praying He will be glorified and that you and so many others enriched through this experience. You are such a beautiful young woman and your desire for motherhood is one most women understand. I am praying that the procedure is fruitful and painless :) love, becky

Anonymous said...

Molly ans Chach, I don't know you but feel as though I do. I am friends with your mom. Just wanted you to know God's time and plan is not always in align with our own. He does, however, always answer our prayers. I am praying for your unborn baby(s) and know God will bless you for your faithfulness and perseverance. His glory will be seen through you and your family. The baby will be all that more precious for your patience.
Trust in the Lord and His timing and you will be so blessed. God's peace and love be with you during this trying time, Judy