Friday, August 31, 2007

The Daily Report

The Dr's called this morning to say that they have 1 egg that they rate as excellent, 2 excellent/good, and 5 good. This is good news. They think that they will implant them on Monday. Molly is in a lot of pain, as she had to go off of her pain medicine for her endomitriosis. Please continue to pray for her pain level and the eggs! Thanks and we'll keep updating daily.


Anonymous said...

Eden is so adorable- I love the scowl, too! I will continue to pray for Molly and Chach daily, especially on Monday. Beth Bishop

jkbaber said...

I love Eden's funny faces! I've been checking your blog constantly for updates on Molly and Chach. I am so excited for Monday. What is the plan after Mon? Do they just wait until they can take a preg test?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these updates, Molly and Chach are definitely in my prayers! I know God wants us to have the desire of our hearts, will keep on praying. :) Kirsten