Sunday, February 25, 2007

525,600 minutes of Eden

Man, once this inertia thing grabs hold of you it's hard to get moving again--you'd think there was a law of physics about it or something. In reality, we just wanted to boil down our readership from an unmanageable 8 or 9 people to the ever-faithful 1 or 2 (3, if I count myself. I'd say 4 counting Sarah, but she's included in the 1 or 2). We're way behind on pics of Eden; for all you know, she could've turned green and sprouted a third arm by now. Luckily, all she's really done is grow some delicate yet razor-sharp horns on her head. I kid, I kid! They're actually invisible to everyone but Sarah and me, so you'd never notice them. Anyway, on to more important, events, like:

Eden's 1st birthday

Yes, it was momentous enough to merit its own heading in font-size:250%. We had a few close friends over on the tornadorific day that was yesterday (note to future parents: never have a 1st birthday party. Not only will you drive yourself slowly mad over an event your kid couldn't care less about anyway, but you will guarantee a day of absolutely horrible weather. Actually, let me amend this thought--never have a 1st b-day party unless you live in a drought-stricken wasteland, in which case have a new one every day. I promise you'll be living in a rainforest within a month.) to celebrate Eden's first
maddening exhilarating year of life. We'll post more pics of the entire event later (I promise!), but for now we tease you with the following slideshow, which in all fairness covers the most exciting part of the party, anyway: Eden's first cake.

Enjoy. She sure did.


the arnolds said...

love, love, love the photos! happy birthday eden!

hugs and kisses,
paula and liam

Anonymous said...

eden, future bride of mine, i'm so sorry jo and missed the extramanganza, but we evacuated to tulsa due to a minor (ok, major) skirmish with some rats (we are under siege!). actually, my mama didn't even tell me about the party b/c she knew that having to miss it would just break my heart. so i really don't know how much fun you had. next time i see you i'll give you a big fat sloppy kiss and then pinch your very cute butt cakes in celebration of the big event. congrats to your mama and dada for surviving the first year!!! loveandhugs, jules (& jo)