Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Molldog update, part 3

...and surgery #3 is scheduled for tomorrow. This one's an easy one, though--just a quick but deep scrubbing of her insides to make sure there's no bacteria baddies still hanging out in their old hideouts. It sounds absolutely wretched (when's the last time you've had the bits and pieces inside your skin scrubbed down?), but compared to what she's already been through, this one's like taking batting practice at the slowpitch softball cages. And there's a rumor floating 'round the hospital that she might actually be able to mosey back home sometime next week, but as of yet it's still unconfirmed.

If you ever wondered what a person moseying might look like, cut your belly open, cover it with bandages, and walk around in front of a mirror. That's moseying. You might not be moving fast, but you're moving.

Other than the impending surgery, Molly is doing great. She's getting up and walking (sorry, moseying) around, she's eating 3 square a day again, she's looking and talking and feeling better every day. She's had a steady stream of friends coming by to check on her, keep her company, screen out any bad nurses, and generally help her forget a little that she's been stuck in a hospital room for over two weeks now. She has run out of flowers, though, so if you've been wanting to do something for her but wasn't sure what or when or how, then you can't go wrong with some fresh flowers--they change a drab hospital room into, well, a drab hospital room with flowers. And a good smell. And a splash of color. If flowers aren't your thing, then she's asked for people to donate to the Lair foundation, which provides the Lair family with stuff. Just kidding! Honestly, what they'll need most is a slow and steady stream of food after she gets home, so if you don't do flowers, then think about cooking up a meal or two for 'em sometime over the next few weeks.

And on that note, Molly says thank you to everyone for all the thoughts, wishes, prayers, and visits over the last couple of weeks. Chach may not say thanks out loud, but he nods his head in your general direction. (Nah, he says thanks a ton, as well.)

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Jennifer Baber said...

Count me in for food. Do they have a particular food they don't like or can't have? Thanks for keeping us updated!