Thursday, November 02, 2006

This little frog is scary.

Scary how cute she is, that is.

I can't believe I just said something that cheesy.

Anywho, Tuesday was Eden's first Halloween, and boy did she love it. Or maybe not; it was kinda hard to tell one emotion from another once she was on the sugar high from her 15th York peppermint pattie. I kid, I kid! They were actually Reeses peanut butter cups. We got her all bundled up in her frogsuit (sorry, frog costume--she's wasn't a Navy Seal for Halloween. Although that would've been awesome), loaded her into the stroller, went out the front door to grab some mad sugar loot say hi to friends and family, and realized that we actually live on Elm Street, as in Nightmare On.

It was really, really, really dark. With big, ugly trees overhanging everything. And three dozen cats caterwauling in the background. (Thanks, Randy, for playing host to a fifth litter of feral cats, BTW. The street as a whole thanks you profusely.) No wonder we always have stacks of candy lying around after Halloween.

And, of course, no one was home anyway. But at least we gave it a shot, and it gave us the opportunity to stick Eden in an outfit she'll only wear once for a couple hours and take lots of pictures (hey, that sounds like another article of clothing I'll get to buy her in a quater-century or so). At least she was able to finish it off with the traditional Halloween PJ's, which she's been wearing in anticipation of the event since August.

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Janet Madden said...

That is the cutest little froggy I have ever seen. I just wish I could kiss that would give me such delight. Your Nan loves you, a bushel and a peck!