Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tennessee, Thanksgiving, and the whole shebang

Eden, Nan and I got to go to Tennessee this past weekend to meet Eden's Me-Maw. We have been wanting to get out there for a long time, but were unable because of her ITP. Eden lit up when she saw Me-Maw, it was pretty cool to see.Me-Maw lit up, too: "I didn't know what grand meant until I met Eden," she said after meeting Eden for the 1st time.She also got to meet her cousins- Jenny and Jasmine... As well as her aunt Pamela and Uncle Tom. Eden also found a new toy- Me-Maw's walker. It had a little seat on it and really cool wheels. I am thinking about purchasing one for her for Christmas. It kept her entertained for hours (or maybe minutes, but that's a lot right now). She would crawl across the room to get it (oh yeah, I guess we're behind on posts- she's crawling, more on that in another post). We also got to stop in Nashville on the way there and on the way back to give Eden a break. She loved playing with Lola, the granddaughter of an old family friend; I'm just not sure that Lola enjoyed having her hair pulled as much as Eden enjoyed pulling it. Mike and I have discovered that our child is a little bit of a bully. She has started shaking and making the face that you see in the above picture when she doesn't get her way--kind of scary if you ask me. Not real promising for the future. I guess that's about it for our trip. It felt more exhausting than that (maybe it was the 12 hours in the car each way?). Here's one more picture of bath time at Me-Maw's. She loves her rainbow fish book, maybe that's a good sign?? Oh yeah and Happy Thanksgiving!

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the arnolds said...

crawling?!!! how exciting! she's such a big girl. liam wants to crawl so badly but he's just not there yet. he has two teeth that are almost completely in and he told me to send eden a smile and a kiss from him.

love you!