Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who loves her Grandma? Eden does.

Grandma Lair came in for a few days of G-ma lovin' for Eden. We felt bad--she was the home stretch on our month of non-stop family action and we were wiped. So it was a low-key visit, which was fine with Grandma because, as she informed us, she wasn't here to see us anyway--she just came for the munchkin. Okay, so she didn't quite phrase it like that. Or rather, she said it exactly like that, but she said it with love. You see, my mom is a bit sarcastic, and...ah, forget it. Any of you that know my mom know exactly how she said it; any of you who haven't met my mom, you can just write our family off as a little odd. Cheers, mom.

I'm expecting a phone call about this post any minute now.

Anyway, my mom was out here, and we had a great (if low energy) visit. She remarked on how much Eden has changed since her last visit in April, which was good news for us--we'd be a little worried if she hadn't. (See how I do the sarcasm too? I'm tellin' ya, it runs in the family.) My mom also got to experience a Hemotology clinic visit with us--and she got a good one, one where the phlebotomist missed the vein and after several tries had to do a finger-stick-n-squeeze. Eden was, rather understandably, at her screamingest by the end of it. My mom was practically in tears. And Sarah and I where looking at her with a What? look on our face, until we realized that 7 month old babies don't normally get stuck with needles on a weekly basis. It's a little too easy for us to lose perspective on that kind of thing, now that's become routine; we need a fresh set of eyes to remind us that it really, really sucks.

So even though her visit was a bit lethargic on our part, we had a smashing time. And she pulled off a trick that we hadn't seen around here in a long time: she put Eden to sleep on her shoulder. Eden doesn't do that for, like, anyone anymore. And so we have another tidbit to add to the Book of Grandma Lore and Mythology.

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