Friday, September 15, 2006

Is it really that bad to drug your child to sleep, really? I'm just asking.

So it's 4 in the morning and here I am, fulfilling a life-long dream of late-night blogging. Just kidding--I'm very, very unfortunately not the only person in the family awake (if I can be called that) at this moment. I'll give you two guesses who the other one is, although you'd be right either way; Sarah may be in bed right now, but I doubt her eyelids are closed. I expect her out any moment, with her mother-like tendencies and all.

Yes, Eden has recently (as in last night and tonight) decided that no morning can be called such unless you can watch the sunrise. And have several hours to prepare for it. Even if you're only four hours into what promised to be a memorable and enjoyable night of solid sleep. And have a full plate of work coming up the next day (not that that particular one applies to anybody in this house, but I'm just saying).

So I've got Eden planted in front of the TV, watching Barney vs. Teletubbies IV--Death Match or whatever late night children's cartoons they play on Noggin at this hour. And I don't feel the least bit guilty about it, either, because Vague Flutterings Of Parental Guilt don't officially start until 6 am at the earliest (9 am on Saturdays).

And now I hear Sarah stirring, which means she's about to come out and play her momma card, saying that she can get Eden back to sleep a lot easier than I can (which is true), that she's awake and won't be able to fall back asleep anyway (possibly true), and that I have to work tomorrow (eh) and should really get some sleep (yes!). And I, of course, will play my daddy card and accept.

So, to sum up, this is what Eden should look like right now:

And this is what she actually looks like:

Okay, it's more like this:

Good night--for another two hours, at least. Chances are, I'll see you here tomorrow at the same time. Sigh.

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