Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eden shorts (news updates, not clothes)

I realize it's been a week (over a week, now) since the last post, but in our defense we are very lazy. We have no excuses; it's not like nothing happened over the last week.

Wait, nothing happened over the last week; scratch the previous sentence.

Alright, that's not quite true--something must have happened, but it's late and I'm tired and I don't really want to go digging in my short-term memory right now, so I'm making this a short post.

Relatively short.

Actually, I can probably stretch it out a bit and make it look like I wrote more if I make every sentence a paragraph.

So, in short: Eden had her second blood clinic visit yesterday and scored a 430 (,000), which is still above the normal range, which makes us very happy.

She also decided to celebrate her previous high score by...developing separation anxiety?

Eden had apparently decided that life was not worth living if Momma was not holding her every moment of every day. If I held her, she screamed (shoot, there goes my one-sentence-per-paragraph structure). If Molly held her, she screamed, though not as much as with me--it must be something to do with breasts. It's frankly worn poor Sarah down, and although Eden is slowly calming down and getting back to normal she still has her moments. And they're not pretty moments.

I wish we had some pictures of her scream face; it's a sight to behold, much like her pooping face, although not for the same reasons.

And that's the news in short. More news, pics, and whatnot to come later, I promise.

Oh, and for those of you (the two of you) that leave comments on the posts, you may have noticed our blog has received its first spam; I'd feel honored if I wasn't so mad. Anonymous, you sneaky devil, I'll track you down someday. In light of our best frend Anonymous' insightful postings, watch for comment moderation to return if he swings back through (which I seriously doubt--spambots rarely cross the same stretch of Interweb twice). And watch for possible site updates when I get my lazy self around to it.

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