Friday, May 05, 2006

bbq like a rock star

Eden had a whole weekend-plus full of firsts, enough to put her in her first way-too-much-excitement-for-a-hipster-baby recovery period. She's been in crash mode ever since her Gran left--if she's not eating or sleeping, it's cranky-pants time. And nobody likes cranky-pants time.

At any rate, you may not have asked for it, but I promised it anyway: Eden's first barbeque pics. She had a blast watching everyone around scarf down sausages and dogs (well, only Ben Jones felt that italian sausages just wouldn't service his needs, so he brought the hot dogs for himself. Talk about hoity-toity.) out on Molly and Chach's back porch. I think she really was just waiting for our friend Lindsey to get off the Playstation 2 so she could get a turn at Katamari Damacy; I saw her little thumbs twitching to that crazy music.

Chillin' with Gran.

Friends and family. Or gangsters, maybe. I forget.

The infamous Mr. Benjamin Jones.

...and the party's over.


chach said...

don't you mean Tom Jones

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