Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doubting yourself

As most of you know Mike and I really struggle with the whole cry it out method. Eden hasn't been a great sleeper from day 1- not sure when she'll be. But if this is the biggest challenge she presents us in her life we'll make it through. She has slept with us so that we could all get the sleep we need. It works for us. In fact we love it. There's nothing like waking up and seeing your shining 2 year old looking at you and saying as loudly as she can "Hi Mommy". Or getting into bed with her after she's been in bed for a few hours and watching her laugh in her sleep. Precious.

Recently Eden told Mike that she wanted to sleep in her "special bed"(her crib mattress that was on the floor for one of the kids that I watch.) It was a Sunday and Mike and I both looked at each other like "do we have to?" If we do this she may not nap- and I need her to nap today. Well we decided that we were the parents and we needed to suck it up and let her try it out- spread her wings if you will. She did it- slept there for 3 hours. Amazing. we both felt a since of sadness and a since of relief. She's not a baby anymore.So for a little over a week we've been going back and forth on this. She's been great about it at nap- not so much at night, but it's okay with us. She's a child that I believe will get it over time. And for those out there that are going- "she'll never get out of your bed"- Call me when she's still in our bed in High School- then we'll talk. She will in her own time. Sorry, just a little soap box of mine.Anyways- I just put Eden down for her nap and she was overly tired form a morning spent at the zoo. She was protesting her princess bed (yes- we went and got her princess sheets for her bed- something I swore I would never do). Mike and I left the room while she was screaming and throwing a temper tantrum- "Mommy's bed, Mommy's bed". Oh, Eden. I figured she'd get there eventually. So after about ten minutes of this I went in there to tell her that it was time to take a nap and was debating on putting her in our bed. I walked in the room with my lecture on the tip of my tongue, looked at my sweet girl and she goes- "pass (pacifier in Eden speak) please Mommy". The kid had dropped (or thrown) her pass on the floor and knows she's not aloud to get out of bed (or at least she hasn't tested us on that yet) and so she was just laying there looking at it. All of that to say- I guess I'm glad that I gave in this time.*disclaimer- I realize that to most of you this is a really long boring blog post- I guess to me it's my version of a journal of our daily trials. thanks for reading!

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angela said...

i love it. you give me hope.