Saturday, September 22, 2007

Grandpa is here!

Grandpa came in on Thursday and we have had a great time! We started out with a trip to the zoo. Mike and I got a zoo pass a few weeks ago ($75 a year- what a deal!). Eden LOVES the zoo. Her favorite is feeding the goats- that was until this past trip when a goat nibbled her finger. We also went to the park a few times. Another favorite. I love the head tilt! She was going down a pretty big slide- over and over and over and over- when she'd finish she'd RUN over to me with the biggest smile on her face- my favorite picture. Walking with my Grandpa. Every time we're outside Eden tells us she's hot- she sweats profusely- poor girl. Here she is signing "hot". Not a fan of rocks in her shoes. Going up the ladder to the BIG slide. So, I'm not sure if you all can see it in the picture- but on Eden's right side of her mouth there is a molar that has been working it's way in for what feels like months (must feel like years to her)- you can see it just bulging there- so sad. And don't you love the pigtails- I do, she doesn't. It's been fun to have my grandpa here!


Anonymous said...

eden - you've gone and grown up on us!!!! sorry we've been so out of touch...we've had all kinds of funk here the last few weeks...strep throat, the summer flu, colds and the latest? well, we're just swimming in puke over here on s. fillmore! if you're bored, come on over and we'll infect you with something!!!

XXX nd

Anonymous said...

p.s - i forgot to mention mastitis and a sinus infection! wah wah wah.

Ashley Hester said...

Eden! you are so cute!!

I'm glad you got to hang out with your gpa!