Monday, March 26, 2007


Eden, Mike and I made a trip to the park last night where Eden made lots of new discoveries. First up were dandelions- something that takes us all back to our childhood! As any intelligent one year old knows- they all go straight in the mouth, mmm... tasty!
We also enjoyed some fruit smoothie. When allergy season hits (and it's here in full bloom)I am always looking for something to drink that will cure the scratchy feeling in my throat that lingers for a few weeks. Shakes and smoothies work well.
Now that Eden is walking (and walking well) there are a lot of fun things for her to explore. Mike and I were talking about how everyone always says, "when they start walking, watch out", well for us it has improved life. She is more content and it's really fun to watch her as she discovers so many new things on her own.
Another fun thing at the park was a rocket ship, like the ones that Mike and I remember from our childhood. Eden and I crawled inside. It was a little tighter than I remember and the top platform was blocked off, oh well, we still had a great time and got to head down the slide- one of Eden's favorites.
*note- to all of you who are asking yourselves, "When is Mike going to take back over the blog so I don't have to read Sarah's crappy writing?" You may want to look elsewhere. Between his new job and studying for his MCSE (Microsoft certification) after Eden and I are in bed he's a little busy; and that will last for awhile as there are 7 tests and he's just getting going. So that being said, he may squeeze one in here and again- but for now you are stuck with me, sorry!


Jennifer Baber said...

Just before I read your "note" I was thinking that you are a good writter too! We love taking Avery to the park. It is so much fun to see them discover new things. And I love the advice about shakes and smoothies. They seem to help with more than just scratchy throats.

Christy said...

I can't believe she's walking! It seems like Christmas was just a week ago and she wasn't quite ready to be without something holding her up. I can't wait for Lily to have some independence. We look forward to seeing you in June. Tell Mike good luck with all his studying and testing. Greg can sympathize. Love you guys.

Ashley Hester said...

Such a Little Cutie! (Sorry if I look like a random blogger! Molly told me to check out her your blog!)