Tuesday, July 25, 2006

down again

It seems that every time we put a post on the blog it's in regards to Eden's platelets, I guess that that's what our lives are about right now!! Anyways, they are down again. 78,000. Not a significant fall, but a fall all the same. Mike and I are beginning to think that the 200,000 plus platelets was a big fluke, we'll see. The even more downside to this is that her kidney test is scheduled for next Tuesday. They said that they'll go ahead with it as long as her platelets are over 50,000- we'll wait and see. We're about tired of having to give her amoxicillin every night and would prefer to see at least one medical condition come to a close, time will tell I guess. All that being said, here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment. They range from pictures of her new friend Johanna (and her big brother Julian, who we got to hang out with when Johanna was first born), to her new highchair. She's getting big.

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