Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Easter Piglet and her Grandma

So after a minor incident at the Lair household involving some leftover Easter grub, a large glass of milk, a vulnerable keyboard, a careless hand of an unnamed father, and a bad combination of them all, we're back with a new keyboard and more updates.

Specifically, Easter! Eden's first went remarkably well, except maybe for Eden. Her Grandma Lair was out for the weekend, the sun was shining, birds were singing, and Eden was fussing. We're not sure if she had a little bug going through her or if something momma ate earlier didn't digest so well in its milk form, but Eden was not a happy Easter bunny.

Everyone else was very happy, though, due to a mind-boggling amount of ham, mashed potatoes, and other yummy yummy edibles. It's a good thing ham does not have its own tryptophan equivilent, or I would still be sleeping while typing this.

The other big event of the weekend that was hinted at a second ago was the Grandma Lair visit. It was way too quick of a trip: she drove out from Denver on Thursday, arrived at our house on Friday, and flew back on Monday. Yes, there is a missing car and half of a round-trip ticket in there; after getting her own new wheels she sold us her old ride, for which we can't thank her enough. My former car (which, coincidentally enough, was a gift from Eden's other Grandma--our mommas really love us, apparently) was past its last legs and was down to its last knees, so the new car couldn't have come at a better time for us. And, of course, it gave grandma an excuse to come see her favorite grandaughter, so it worked out well for everyone. Just slightly better for us.

Our Easter finest. We haven't quite gotten
the whole Southern dress-up thing yet.

Eden loves her Grandma.

...and shows off her best lion impression.

You think a little upset stomach is going to slow
Eden down? Not our girl; she ate, as always, like
a champ. Here she's showing how cottage cheese is
made, baby style.


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