Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A different sort of clock

I find it interesting how my perspective on time has changed within the last couple of days. My mental calendar leading up to the birth has changed from a sense of time and date (Eden's due date is the 21st; Sarah could go into labor any day now) to more of a time-object relationship. I open the fridge and think, "I'll have a daughter before this gallon of milk is gone." I drive to work and think, "I'll have a daughter before I need to fill up again." I play some Halo 2 and think, "I'll only be able to pwn Randolph and Chach 32 more times before I have a daughter." (That's not actually true; I should be able squeeze in at least 50 before Eden comes.)

It gives the birth a whole new sense of exciting, uncertain, impending immediacy.

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Janet Madden said...

How proud I am of my grandgirl already. I cannot wait. We had a snowstorm in Colorado yesterday and it promises to snow until Monday!!! I hope I can make it for your birth, little Eden. You stay safe until then, inside your Mama...she is going to be a wonderful Mama, and your Dad...well, you just wait-he will be fun! Love, Your Nan